Friday, July 27, 2012


Oh Friday, the most-loved of the weekdays. Glad to see you, it's been a looong week.

Starting and finishing a couple of DVD box art concepts today. I have a website to do on the back burner but I'll probably not think much about it today.

I've been using a hair product for the past two days and thought I'd mention it because I am liking it. I tried to do my own highlights last time and since my hair is short, I had enough left over to do them again. The highlights looked okay but I seriously caused my hair some damage. I should probably not do that again.

What is it with me and thinking I'm tougher than what I really am? My face rash is nearly gone btw, lol. No makeup again today since I'm not planning to go anywhere.

Back to the topic of my poor hair… I went in for a cut this week . The stylist gave my hair a vitamin treatment and then suggested a product called Nounou repairing mask. The packaging for this product makes it look like someone's college science experiment. Plain label, small plastic container, icky green putty. I got a tiny container of shampoo for color-treated hair from this same company but I think maybe it's the green mask stuff that is doing most of the repair work. So far so good. I like it.

Meals today:
1.5 Hebrew National beef franks, 2 TBSP red beans, 2 strips of bacon
1.5 Hebrew National beef franks, 2 TBSP red beans, 2 strips of bacon
pork rinds
Dreamfields rotini

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