Monday, July 9, 2012

Too Hotº

Cro and I visited a reptile show in Fort Wayne Saturday. We had to leave at 8am-ish in order to get there by 10. I think we left closer to 8:30 and arrived closer to 11. Cro was disappointed with how small the show was but I'm glad we went. He probably would have regretted not going if we had missed it. The most exciting thing I saw wasn't even a reptile. Someone had a juvenile coatimundi for sale and it was so cute. Babies usually are. :)

The show wasn't air conditioned and Cro said the animals were stressed. :( A couple of hedgehogs on display were so hot they had kicked all of the bedding into a corner. This allowed them to lie panting on the "relatively" cooler bottom of their enclosure. I hope they didn't die but Cro said they were headed that way.

We didn't stay long and it was a relief to be back inside his air-conditioned truck. That was the hottest Saturday I can remember, reaching 107º (very hot for Indiana!). Today things are supposed to be back to normal with a high of 89º. It was so hot Saturday that the coolest our central air could manage was 77º inside our house.

Meals today:
pork rinds
1/3 of a ribeye steak
more meat


  1. Yeah, this heat is unreal. I have been only turning the oven on after midnight... I don't remember a heat wave this bad!

  2. And lack of rain too! I no longer live on a farm but it's hard for me not to notice how poorly the crops look when I drive by field's like we did on Saturday. Stay cool, girly! :)


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