Tuesday, August 7, 2012

brain overload

I spent most of yesterday figuring things out, which means less progress to show and the only one who can be proud of the day's accomplishments is me.

What was to figure out? A widget for smooth-going website translation. $85 and several hours later I finally gave up on getting the purchased widget to work with the purchased Wordpress theme (the theme was annoyingly rigid and incompatible) and moved to a more simple solution. Goggle translation! After banging my head on why it wouldn't work in Firefox I discovered that the Flash blocking plugin for Firefox was also blocking the translation. Turn off the Flash blocker and all works well! I'm calling that solved for now with intention of using the expensive SYSTRAN translation tool if the Google widget gives any more trouble.

Also, I worked on converting an In-design template to style F so that the UK printer will be happy with the files I provide for DVD labels.

And other than all of those boring-to-you things, meals today will be more of Cro's delicious roast beef and radishes.

Meals today:
3 small meals of roast beef with roasted radishes


  1. While I was reading this, I heard the teacher's voice from Charlie Brown: "Wah wah wah, wah wah wah wah wah."

  2. Those wordpress themes can be downright difficult! But never fear.... Super~Oct has figured it out!

  3. Angie - ^_^ Super-Oct, hehe

    Jack - why you little $%%&*^& :D


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