Friday, August 10, 2012

Glass glass glass!

I started my Friday with a BANG! Literally. I knocked a glass shelf onto the bathroom floor when I was reaching up to get something. Glass shattered everywhere… and me with no shoes. Eek! I had to call for Cro to bring a trash bag so we could pick up glass before he could get his shower. Big shards of glass. Teeny tiny nearly invisible shards of glass.

He used the vacuum to collect the tiny peaces and I gathered the big pieces in a trash bag (which the glass easily slit and tried to escape out the bottom!).

I escaped with only one tiny piece of glass embedding itself in my left big toe. I hope Cro's feet made it out of there safely.

I have work to do now and I need to go to the grocery later today.

Meals today:
I dunno but it will be low carb

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