Friday, August 24, 2012

in my pocket

I texted Cro yesterday asking his thoughts on my adopting another hamster. Since I had packed up all of Critter's things after burying him under the mulberry tree I didn't think I would ever want to fall in love with such a short-lived creature again.

But, I missed him… and I missed having another little buddy in the room as I work from home. He helped to make things less lonely.

But Cro had a fantastic suggestion! Rather than adopting a hamster with a short life expectancy, he proposed that I adopt a sugar glider. Sugar glider's have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. It won't make saying goodbye any easier –saying goodbye is rough – but 15 years is much better than 2!

So the plan is to prepare a habitat and learn as much as I can over the next week or two and then bring home a little girl glider. :) Yeah, a girl this time since Cro adopted one years ago and said that if we get a male it would have to be neutered whereas a girl wouldn't need to go through that surgery.

And silly me, I'm already thinking of names for her. Since we have been enthralled with a show called Grimm (inspired by the German brother's Grimm of the fairy tale-spinning), below are a few names of the fairy-tale beasts.

I was leaning toward Jägerbär  or Fuchsbau yesterday but I think Eisbiber has my preference today. I could call her Biber or Bibi for short. :)

What do you guys think? I've posted some options below. Sugar Gliders are marcupial, btw (they have pockets like kangaroos – well the girl's do).

Eisbiber (YS-bee-buhr) are beaver Wesen who appear to be meek and very cowardly. They seem to have a knack for repair, baking, and crafts. Eisbiber are a democratic society who convene in societies called "lodges," and put issues in their community to a vote. When confronted by Nick, the Eisbiber act very afraid even when he says he won't hurt them. Eisbiber is a combination of the German words for ice and beaver.
Fuchsbau (FOOKHS-bow) are fox creatures who are extremely sly and cunning. Fuchsbau seem to not mind dealing with shady transactions, such as selling human organs and blood (supplied by Geiers) to other Wesen. Monroe warns Nick to "count your fingers after shaking hands with a Fuchsbau", suggesting they are prone to theft and cheating. Fuchsbau means fox burrow in German.
Jägerbär (YAY-guhr-bar) are bear-like Wesen who use a Germanic claw-like weapon on their victims. Jägerbärs can live peacefully among humans as long as they avoid alcohol. They are the mythological basis for The Story of the Three Bears.
Mauzhertz (MOWTS-hairts) are mouse-like Wesen, well known for their cowardly streak. When confronted, they often flee to their "safety zones." They tend to be hoarders. Nick is unable to find any mention of them in Marie's books, something which Monroe attributes to their deeply ingrained timidity, saying that no Mauzhertz ever did anything to attract the attention of a Grimm
Reinigen (RY-ni-gin) are rat-like creatures. They are scavengers who are not usually violent, unless pushed to the edge. They can also control the behavior of rats by using their musical ability. Monroe states that they are "at the bottom of the food chain." They are the mythological basis for The Pied Piper. Due to their typical non-violent nature it is likely that Reinigen do not have bad history with the Grimms. reinigen means to clean in German.

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