Friday, August 17, 2012

money… it's a gas (Pink Floyd)

I bought more eggs… so did Cro :)

It's Friday now… finally! I didn't feel so well this morning but I'm feeling good now (oh, wait, it's still morning).

I expect a call from one client or the other – maybe from two of them – to discuss completed projects and perhaps new ones. Though it's so quiet this morning that maybe they all have decided to start their weekend early.

It has been a long week. I hope it turns out to be a long weekend too.

A blogger that I read posted about what she would do with the money if she won a multi-hundred-million dollar lottery. That made me think about what I would do. It's fun to dream.

I would…
• pay off my house!
• fix a few things that need fixing around my house and land
• pay off the homes of a select few friends, family and blog buddies
• never worry about money again!
• Cro would likely start up his snake breeding thing
• I would design for fun rather than money (oh, I already do this because I love it)

Yeah, it's nice to dream. I guess that's why I buy a lottery ticket every week. :P

Life isn't so bad right now but not having so much stress and having more time to spend with the people I love would be excellent!

Buddy cat is asleep on the floor. How odd. He has been sleeping in that very spot on the carpet for the last few days. It's in the middle of the room about 2 feet from his kitty house. He sleeps pointing at the kitty house door. Maybe he put himself out for the day.

Today mini-meals are:
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
Dreamfield's rotini mac-n-cheese


  1. IWIWF (I wish it were Friday) again

    Eggs! Reading your blog inspire me to have eggs. :)


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