Tuesday, August 21, 2012

plink plink plink

My new fav facebook app is SongPop. Friend me on facebook if you would like to play. https://www.facebook.com/tracy.robbins.smith

I often end up letting the songs play longer than I should just because I like them, but it is way enjoyable and a big stress relief at end of the day!

Working on websites today. I haven't heard from my DVD client in days. I think I'll email him to see what's up.

yay! I just got a call from an old client (well, someone who hasn't brought me anything for several months) and she has a new project for me. Fun!

I also mowed the lawn and am happy to see it is green again after that long drought.

*back to the slow day*

Today mini-meals are:
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
ground beef with hot spices


  1. when you have ground beef with hot spices, is it loose meat or in a patty?

    what are your seasonings? I'm looking for something new and spicy is my new thing.

  2. This week is ground beef, loose and mixed with hot pepper flakes, Montreal steak seasoning, black pepper and sea salt. I often shake in a bit of cayenne pepper or paprika, but not this time.


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