Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sad morning

A treat I had left at his door was still there yesterday afternoon so I knew even before I lifted the little hut he used as a respite from the sun. There he was, eyes closed as if peacefully asleep… he wasn't sleeping.

I buried him beneath the branches of the mulberry tree in the back yard. RIP my little critter, Mr. Jingles. I hope your short life was a pleasant and lengthy one in hamster terms.

I have an appointment at the salon for cut and highlights. Matt and I are going to a movie this afternoon (ParaNorman).

The small agency client let me know that a website I've done recently was very well received by their client. They are excited. :)

My DVD client is still AWOL. I hope nothing is wrong.

Today mini-meals are:
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
ground beef with hot spices
probably some theater snacks (almonds and individually-wrapped cheese sticks)


  1. Goodbye Mr. Jingles. We hardly knew ye...

  2. __o_

    his halo is on crooked.

  3. Poor... MJ.

    Sending love and hugs to his sweet momma and rad daddy!

  4. RIP Mr. Jingles, I hope he has fun at the critter circus in the sky :(


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