Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Egg-n-meat fast this week. Finishing up a big website and some DVD box art.

I didn't sleep well Sunday night since I felt I should have worked all day Sunday on the website. I didn't work on it and so yeah, it was looming over my head and forced me to wake up and worry in the middle of the night. I got up early Monday morning and by end of the day was super happy with how much I'd accomplished. Last night's sleep was peaceful. ^_^ I do still have lots to do today.

The local human society posted a pic of a severely abused kitten, told his story and asked for donations to pay for his medical care. This poor baby has been on my mind ever since seeing his pic. The good news is that his medical care was paid for in very short order, he is doing well and several people have inquired about adopting him once he's out of kitty hospital and recovery. People can suck. Other people can be angels.

"Little Bob" has had a rough start to life. He was recently surrendered to IndyHumane. Our medical staff was quick to recognize that he had some serious injuries, likely from abuse. "Little Bob" underwent surgery to remove a severely injured leg and was also in need of radiographs and oral surgery/extractions. Radiographs revealed this sweet boy had been shot multiple times by a BB gun. Happily, "Little Bob" seems to be recovering well.

Yesterday meals were:
egg (nuked)
egg (nuked and splattered all over the microwave -oops)
leftover roast beef
pork rinds and 3 TBSP cream cheese

Today meals are:
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil

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