Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday morning dreams

Just another day. Tuesday - no, it's Wednesday! in fact. I accomplished lots yesterday and just need to keep my head down in the work for the next three two days and then it will be the weekend! Hurrah!!

I slept soundly until 3ish am and then woke up to read a little bit of the last Sookie Stackhouse book. Book 12 I guess. They've sucked me in and I know this last one isn't going to last until the weekend. Oh well. I've spent every evening for the last several weeks absorbing pages at an insatiable rate so it's about time to do something else.

I fell asleep just before dawn and had vivid dreams until I woke again. I dreamt about SheZug! We were on a boat and were dressing up for a party. She was trying on outfits and asking my opinion. She looked amazing! She settled on some form fitting slacks and a layered blouse. On asking my thoughts I said it was perfect and the only thing I could possibly suggest was a loose belt that dropped below her waist to set off her hourglass form, though I thought it was perfect without any extras. I then hurried to get myself made-up too. :) I remember then that Biggy Smalls (and I have no idea why I dreamt of him) was following me around as I looked for SheZug so she and I could head to the party. I let Biggy know that I was taken, not interested in a change, and in love with my husband. Shorty after I woke up - time to get ready for work.

Meals today:
3 small meals of roast beef and radishes
1 meal of just bacon

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  1. Yay! I made it into your subconscious brain!


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