Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday… chugga chugga

Egg-n-meat fast going strong. Usually I become sick of eggs quickly but I was still looking forward to them today. A drop of olive oil, one egg (I've been breaking the yolk since I'm eating it without something to soak it up), about 1 minute in a hot skillet, flip, and serve with a sprinkle of black pepper and sea salt. Yum.

I almost finished the big website yesterday, spoke with the client and they are happy. They will likely get with me today on anything they would like added or changed. I'll also do some pro-bono website additions for my small agency client (because I like them and they bring me work too.) My DVD client was quiet yesterday but I'll likely hear from him today.

Does anyone else feel that this week is dragging? It's only Wednesday!

Buddy Cat asks for my breakfast every morning. Fried egg is not for cats!

Today mini-meals are:
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil
egg fried in olive oil

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