Thursday, September 20, 2012

A quick note…

…to say all is good (and all is busy).

Last night the joeys ate diced chicken breast, baby yogurt with banana, diced melon and mixed veggies (but did they even touch the veggies???). I brought the "treehouse" out of the habitat, held it in one hand while using the other hand to "sleep" next to them. I sang softly for an hour while I did this (and was running out of songs by then, lol). They seemed to like it and ate bits of melon and chicken that I held up for them now and then. It's all in my attempt to bond with them.

Meals yesterday for me were:
Quest bar
baked chicken breast
broccoli and cauliflower

Meals today for me:
Quest bar
baked chicken breast
broccoli and brussels sprouts

Meals today for them:
a constant small bowl of dry high-protein, grain-free kibble (it's there if they want to nibble, but they don't seem to like it much)
a constant small bowl of fresh bottled water mixed with Pedialyte
a constant drip water bottle with the same (trying to transition them away from bowl-drinking)
insectivore fare - 1/4 cup (ew, bugs. I'll bet they love it)
mixed veggies - about a TBSP (veggies, ew)
Gerber yogurt blend (banana) - about 1 tsp (they love this)
Gerber Graduates squeezable fruit/veggie mix - about 1 tsp (they like)
banana bread (just a couple of small pinches as a very infrequent "sometimes food")

They are like little royals. lol

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