Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Monday

Today is Monday so woohoo… today is also full of work. I called the new website client I have been waiting to hear from. She says she loves the website and will get revisions and more content to me by end of day. Yay! I had sent her the work last Wednesday and was beginning to fret over not hearing from her. So glad she is happy and excited!

I created email designs for the cross-media marketing piece and have sent that to client for review.

I worked a few hours on the DVD client stuff yesterday (I know, working Sunday is the pits). I heard from him with a few revisions and a request from the UK team that they have all the files ready for printer tomorrow. No problem.

I have lots of chit-chat about the joeys but will save that to update on their new blog. Buddy Cat has been sleeping on top of their habitat, so cute. I know that kitties prefer high places but he also is likely expressing his dominance over these new little loves of ours. He stops in front of their habitat to gaze at their tiny food bowls now and then too.

My Meals today:
3 chicken breasts
3 servings of roasted cauliflower
1 Quest bar

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