Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big adventure, little joeys ^_^

Oh so much to do! I worked on a cross-media marketing campaign until after 10pm.

…then I made headway interacting with the joeys until nearly midnight. It was worth it. Gerber friendlied up to me to the point of walking on my hand unafraid and checking me out.

Both joeys were eating a piece of watermelon that I held up to the opening of their adopted treehouse (the elevated covered food bowl that they have decided to sleep in). At first they licked the moisture of the watermelon piece but soon were cooing in delight and taking nibbles. The little sounds of delight they make are so cute!

When I put the watermelon piece back in the bowl on the habitat floor they would lean out and stretch from sleeping bowl to watermelon bowl to continue eating, while keeping a foot and tail in their treehouse. I suppose that made them feel secure of an easy retreat. They would grumble at each other as only one at a time could stretch out like that (and it was mostly GRRber doing the crabbing).

Cro noticed that they were becoming wet and cold as they got watermelon juice all over themselves. I removed the treehouse (with Fooks still inside) and Cro opened the top and brought her out. The plan was to wash the elevated food bowl once they both vacated it, but Fooks just wouldn't leave. She crabbed at Cro and freaked out bigtime, but we got her dried off, washed the treehouse bowl, and set it back in place, clean and dry.

While I was washing the bowl, Cro stayed to watch them. One of the joeys made a dash out of the habitat and across the floor. Cro was right there and gathered her up. I'm not sure which one it was but Cro placed her back safely in the habitat in no time. I think that was a BIG adventure because there was a lot of climbing up and down and all around inside the bars afterwards.

They were very quiet last night or else I was sleeping like a rock. :) I was very tired.

Gerber outside of the elevated food bowl. Fooks relaxing inside.
Meals yesterday were:
Quest bar
chicken breast with cauliflower and broccoli x3 meals

Todays meals will be:
chicken breast with cauliflower and broccoli x2 meals
Quest bar
ground beef

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