Friday, September 21, 2012

divided attentions

The joey's now have their own blog. Well, I will be the one keeping it updated, but it's all about them. I'll try to divide my attention so that this one is mainly about me (which does include them), but their blog can be focused on their significant happenings and daily meals. ^_^

Sugar Pockets

Today is Friday so woohoo… but today is also full of work. I have three website designs going along with a cross-media batch of landing pages and emails and a DVD box art design for both US and UK, DVD labels and DVD sell sheets. All due as soon as possible. :) So, priorities. The DVD stuff has to be done by beginning of next week and the cross-media stuff is a hot hot project. One website is near complete and just waiting for client approval, another website is also "in the client's court".

Meals today (only my meals since the joey meals are on their own blog now, lol):
Quest bar
pork rinds with cream cheese

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