Monday, September 17, 2012

meet the babies

Cro and I traveled north to meet the exotic animal breeder Saturday morning. We didn't think to account for the hour difference in time between Chicago and Indianapolis so we were an hour early. Oops. We had our iPhones & iPad with us so we had plenty to entertain ourselves while we waited.

When the breeder arrived we got to meet the babies, and get a peek at the coatimundi in her front seat carrier too. (Cro was interested and pointed that out when I was all attention on the babies and wouldn't have noticed). The breeder handled each joey to show us that they were healthy and were both girls (pointing out the pockets on each). She then tucked them back into the fabric bag for the trip home. They grumbled a bit when we would go over a bump in the road. So cute! When they grumble it is called "crabbing". Appropriate. I kept the bag of babies close so they would feel they were being held securely and they slept. :)

Upon arriving home, Cro checked them over to be sure they had all their toes and no injuries. He has cared for sugar gliders in the past but this is all new to me. Again they crabbed. This is where their individual personalities began to show. One seems more placid and shy, the other more grumbly and outgoing. Cro left it to me to choose the names and though I had several in mind, it soon became clear to me that the calm one was Fuchsbau and the grumbly one was Jägerbär.

Fooks & Gerber. :)

Cro advised that we place them in a warm pouch and not bother them for at least a full day and night (so they could adjust to the new home not have additional stress). They stayed in that pouch for the rest of the day and didn't even venture out that night (they are nocturnal), We did leave a shallow bowl of water mixed with Pedialyte and some crushed dry protein in another little bowl.

I recorded a few of their vocalizations during the night. One is of the crabbing noise and is probably Gerber. The other is a little fussing sound and is Fooks. They both make both noises but Gerber is usually the one to crab the most (GRRber). :)

The next day they actually came out to explore! and ate some of the fresh protein and fruit-n-veggie mix that we provided. They both drank too. Though I find myself worrying (typical mommy, right?), they are doing just fine so far. :) They chose to sleep in the elevated food dish today, lol. It didn't have food in it, so why not sleep there if they like!

Freaked out!! But Cro wanted to count their toes and look for injury before we transfered them to their habitat.

Fooks is all good!

The new home. Two cloth pouches for sleeping can be seen.

Fooks. She is lighter and has golder tones.

Grrber. She is the slightly darker silver (no gold) sister.

They were sleeping in the food dish this morning!

Listen for Gerber to start crabbing at :19

Listen to Fooks fussing in the dark 0:00 to :06:


  1. They are so so so so so soooooo cute!
    Congrats on the new addition to the fam! :-)

  2. Thanks Chai. :) I am surprised by how motherly I feel about them. Worried and protective.

  3. They are sooo precious!!! Congrats!!

  4. They are sooo precious! I think it's cute that you got two of them so that they can be together for life!

    The little grumbles seem cute.

    Congrats, Mommy Oct!

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...

    I thought we agreed to name the cute one "Jack"...

  6. Angieloo. :) It was Cro's idea to get both of the sisters rather than just one. I'm glad he did and I love them both (and their grumbles). They bark too. A little puppy "ARF!" that sounds so excited an happy. :)

    Jack - I think the coatimundi was Jack so we couldn't take his name! lol


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