Wednesday, September 12, 2012


These two joeys (not our girls) are 8 weeks OOP.
I couldn't wait anymore so I called about the gliders. :) I will be meeting the breeder halfway (they are in Illinois) and I should be able to get them either Friday or Saturday. Excited!!! They are 8.5 weeks Out Of Pouch (marsupial babies are aged by the date they leave their mommy's pouch). That is a perfect age to adopt since it's recommended they stay with their mother for 8 weeks at the least.

Matt was very happy with the logo ideas and Brian has put me in touch with a contact of his who needs a website. Love it. :)

Meals today:

• ground sausage and roasted cauliflower
• dunno, maybe steak and more roasted cauliflower


  1. No! Don't eat sugar gliders! They're high in fat (hmmmm... you'd think that they'd be high in sugar...)

  2. Congratulations Miss Sugar-Glider-Momma-to-beeee! ;) Their little hands are the cutest. :)

    Oh, and steak sounds GOOD.


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