Friday, September 28, 2012



It's the end of the month and Cro will be going in at noonish and working late tonight. Inventory I guess and even the database guy (Cro) has to chip in.

My new website client gave me a list of revisions and additions and much praise. :) The praise gets me every time.

I haven't gotten any feedback about the website that launched yesterday but in this case, no new is great news.

The joeys fussed much less last night – probably due to all of the fun toys and habitat rearrangement (removing all of the internal shelves) that Cro provided. They even made some very cute little barking sounds and lots of pssst! pssst! pssst! noises. I'd love to know what they are talking about. The barks sounded very happy and the pssst's sounded like the conversation of busy little beavers.

Meals today:
2 eggs
brussels sprouts
protein of some sort (probably tuna)
Quest bar


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