Friday, October 5, 2012

Big bite

…more than I can chew?

I guess I can work next weekend if things get stupid busy. I'm starting the cross-media project next week and gave them the timeline of having it ready to test by Tuesday the 16th. That means it will pretty much be completed so I have a week to design 5 landing pages and 5 html email templates, code all of that and implement it with variable data. There is also a mailing list to muss with in order to set up rules and variables. It's a very aggressive timeline (a timeline that I proposed) and relies on the client being on time with testing and approvals.

Of course that is just one client (I should have added more buffer time since other clients are bound to pop in. Ah well, live and learn.

Today I'm working on the Wordpress site for the new client and hopefully will get word that the people holding her domain have unlocked it, etc., so I can make the site live. She is attending an event early next week and would love to have the site available.

I sent a Blu-ray box art and label to the dvd client for review last night.

This morning another client asked if I might have time for a quick-turn piece which she says is basically new content for an existing piece. Sure. :)

Okay, it made me tired to convey all of that in this blog!

I'm glad it's Friday!

Meals today:
spicy pork rinds with cream cheese to dip
Dreamfields later tonight

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