Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chipotle and other good things

I had lunch at Chipotle with a newish client today (her treat). Love this client. :) Lunch was lots of fun and she loves everything that I do (even going as far as discussing and raving about my work to other people that she knows!). It is such a good feeling to have my own clients.

Okay, enough gushing. I like her lots though.

Lunch was a burrito bowl and yummy. I had a conference call with another client when I got home and get to switch gears for the rest of the day and work on DVD box art for him. Tomorrow morning-ish I have a conference call with a third client regarding a cross-media campaign we are working on and to get info for a new project they want me to quote.

The joeys were so quiet last night (no barking, no fussing). I got up early to sit with them a bit but I'll leave the rest of that for their blog. I changed the comment stuff (SheZug said it was denying her) so maybe I'll get a few over there.

Meals today:
Quest bar
chicken breast
1/2 of a burrito bowl from Chipotle (red beans, chicken, medium salsa, cheese, sour cream)

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