Wednesday, October 10, 2012

egg egg egg egg bacon!

It's almost 11:30 and I've already handled making one Wordpress site live, talked to client and gotten approval on the 4 landing pages and 4 email comps I spoke of earlier, talked to a client about domain name renewal, and started the html for that cross-media marketing project.

So far today I've eaten one egg. I guess it's time for the second one! :)

The joeys were so quiet last night but evidence of their activities was apparent in the scattered veggies and missing fruit from one bowl and empty protein bowls.

I slept so soundly that the alarm clock's first report showed up in whatever I was dreaming. I was awake and up the second time it went off and had to ask Cro if that was the first or second. It was the second. Ha! That's the first time in forever that the clock has gone off and I not gotten right up. I must have been VERY sleepy.

Meals today:

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