Monday, October 22, 2012

egg egg egg egg bacon

Bad dreams last night!

I dreamt that I was back at university but there was massive construction going on. Due to the construction I wasn't able to find my class (which Matt was also in). The instructor was giving a one-on-one test and Matt went first and I went back to the dorm.

When it was my turn I couldn't find the class. Matt texted me saying that it went well and the test was only to quiz him on what he knew about Gauguin . Since it was only the first class it was strange to have a test but since we both knew a bit about Gauguin I wasn't stressed. Not until I couldn't find the class!

In the meantime the volleyball team cornered me because I offered to stand in for one of the new members who had quit. When I told them I could help out but not by being on the team they asked if I could act as their cook. Um… sure. All they needed was someone to make enough boiled eggs to last them each week. I said sure since boiled eggs can all be done at one time and left in the refrigerator.

While I was talking to the volley ball team my next class was about to start (I didn't know where that one was either!!!) Ack!!! Glad I woke up.

But, now the real day stress is here. lol (It won't be as bad as the dream… I hope!)

Today's meals will total 54 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 14 carbs

egg (6g protein)(1 carb)
egg (6g protein)(1 carb)
egg (6g protein)(1 carb)
egg (6g protein)(1 carb)
bacon (30g protein) (10 carbs)


  1. My cholesterol went up just reading this...

  2. woe - you are right. That was one too many eggs. I removed on and added bacon. :P


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