Monday, October 8, 2012

Hell week - Monday

This week is going to be a "hell week" in that I devised a timeline for a large project that is going to be very tight. Since I'm the one who came up with the timeline I'm not upset about the quick turn… but that doesn't mean I'm relaxed either! I planned for this stress fest and now it's here!

The joeys didn't fight at all last night! At least I didn't hear them squabbling. They have gotten to the point with me where they have no fear and will climb all over my hands and arms when I reach into the habitat. The next step I suppose should be me actually picking them up and petting them rather than allowing our interaction to be only on their own terms.

Buddy cat still sleeps on top of their habitat… and I just now went to get them out of their sleeping pouch and into a bonding pouch so I could have them close while I work.

It was so easy to turn the sleeping pouch upside-down and transfer their little sleeping selves into the palm of my hand (one at a time). The first joey crawled right into the bonding pouch. The second little girl went on a short and slow excursion of fright. She climbed down my side, then up and onto the curtains and hung there as Buddy sniffed her (I was holding him back with an arm just in case). I then held the open bonding pouch up and she crawled in with her sister. Yay. Excitement over and time to get to work. lol

Cro asked me this morning what I would like for my birthday. I guess the thought of another birthday isn't so bad because I'm still happy thinking about that one day that is special for me.

Meals today:
one egg
one Quest bar


  1. Pretty soon you'll be able to hook them up to a wagon and have them pull you around the block!

  2. Yay! Seriously, if they ever get larger than the palm of my hand I will be afraid!


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