Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just another day…

I'm feeling better today (thanks to taking lots of vitamin C I suppose).

I finished the latest cross-media hell and sent it for review. Tomorrow I'll likely get lots of revisions (I hope I do because there are items missing that they still owe me). [insert book cover here]

Tomorrow is also my birthday… it's feeling like an ordinary week this year. Maybe because of all the work, maybe because it's on a Wednesday this time. Hmm, tomorrow night a new American Horror Story is on though. :D

One of the joeys barked for a huge amount of time early this morning. I counted 50 barks and that's after I thought to start counting. There were at least 3-times that many. Yeah, it's adorable (think puppy barks) but it's also loud and I could tell that Cro was ready for it to be over. I got up thinking that if I play with them the barking would stop. It did! But Jagerbar also climbed out the open cage door. They are so quick.

She wasn't afraid but she also wasn't ready to go back inside the habitat. Buddy and I kept an eye on her and let her play since she wasn't ready to be caught. The funniest thing is when she decided to go down the hardwood floor of the hall. Her mobility clearly showed that she is made for trees and not flat surfaces. She moved with her arms straight out to the sides and she did a sort of shimmy-waddle. Very fun to watch, lol.

Finally I was able to herd her back toward the habitat where she climbed in the open door all by herself. Buddy wasn't all that concerned and just wanted me to stop messing around with the gliders and get him some moist cat food.

Mom sent this pic in her birthday card to me:

Today's meals will total 40 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 10 carbs
a small bowl of Cro's veggy soup  (20 protein) (10 carbs)
bacon(20g protein)

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