Tuesday, October 2, 2012

low-carb lunch out

I am meeting a client for lunch tomorrow. We are going to Chipotle, which should be easy for a low-carb meal. I do want to go to their website and look at the menu so I am prepared with what to order ahead of time. I haven't been to a Chipotle in awhile but I think I was able to get a burrito bowl without rice and that made for good low-carb.

I bought a little "night vision" halloween led light to shine over the joey habitat. It's just a small red bulb and I'd read that other people's gliders didn't seem bothered by red light. Our joeys didn't come out of their pouch until I finally relented and turned off the red light. They were out and playing moments later. Ah well, perhaps a lower wattage bulb that won't be as bright will be the answer. I want to be able to see them play!

I captured audio from a little bit of their barking fest to share. bark! bark! bark! :)


Tuesday meals:
chicken breast x2
cauliflower x2
Quest bar


  1. Cute little barks. I love their blog, but can't leave comments because of some setting on my web browser that I can't figure out.

    Chipotle is one of my favorite places, I just get a bowl with beans, meat, salsa and guacamole on the side. It's easily 3-4 meals for me.

    Last time I went there the server asked me if it was ok that my beans were cooked with bacon. My response - Is the pope catholic?

  2. Ooh, that you for the head's up that you can't leave comments on the Glider's blog. I changed it so that maybe it won't give problems now.

    Chipotle should be a no brainer for low carb. I'm glad the client chose that place rather than Noodles & Co., which was also an option.

    "Is the pope catholic?" hehe… bacon is good!


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