Tuesday, November 20, 2012

adventures of a sleepy day

It has been a busy week! And it's only Tuesday! I guess that is par for the course on a holiday week.

Cro went to the grocery last night to get both of our lists for the Thanksgiving meal. I have been saving some recipes to my Pinterest board and am thinking about a yummy-looking cauliflower dish, green bean casserole and perhaps a low carb Almond Flour Applesauce Spice Pound Cake, and maybe some onion dip. So many choices but I think we have ingredients to make at least those three dishes. I wonder if this link to my Pinterest board will work (trying).

I couldn't sleep Sunday night and so thought I would play with the joeys for a little while, which would make sleeping the rest of the night easy. It didn't work out that way when Jäger got past me AGAIN. She is such a little escape artist! Fooks immediately started barking for her to come back. Jäger was full of energy (it was only 4-something:am so the sun was a long way off). Cro got up since there was all sorts of barking and lights and scuffling going on. :( oops

Jäger got out into the main area of the house since one of the boxes I had placed to block any escapees had moved just enough for a joey to wiggle through. I found her shuffling down the hall (hardwood floors don't give a little semi-winged beastie much traction when waddle-walking on all fours). She turned and went between my feet when she saw I was after her. I finally caught up with her went she climbed under the easy-chair rocker in the dining room. I used Cro's bat-catching-net to scoop her up gently so we could deposit her safely back into the habitat. It was about 5am when the house settled down and I could let Buddy Cat come back upstairs.

I slept very well for the rest of the night (which was only a couple of hours after all of that). Poor Cro had a sleepy day at work!

Meals today:
Quest bar
two little furry babies in their sleeping pouch
a jumble of feet
um, could you turn out that light please!


  1. I took a peek at your Pintrest page, those cauliflower pizza bites look so good!

    I refuse to get a Pintrest account and instead stalk all my friends until I can decide if it's really worth it.

  2. I don't use Pinterest much, but it doesn't require anything of me either so I thought why not. There is a menu-bar button for Firefox that lets me pin most anything from any page, so I don't have to login to use it (easy is good!). I have friends who use it in an enviable way (which always makes me feel like I should make more of an effort, lol).


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