Friday, November 2, 2012

it's been a week

Friday!!!!! Yeah, it has certainly been a week. I don't know why, but in my world saying "it's been a week" means it's been a taxing week. That's an Octism I guess.

Cro thinks he might have passed a kidney stone a couple of days ago. That's a first for him and the pain was pretty bad Wednesday (the day he had to work until nearly midnight). I have never had kidney stones but my sister does so I know from her that they hurt hurt hurt. She usually has to go to the hospital when she is passing one. Cro just suffered through his. Owy

Matt emailed to suggest we see the last Twilight in celebration of my birthday. We often will celebrate each other's birthday and Christmas a few weeks after the actual date This makes the celebration last longer, plus it works better for our schedules. He is deep in Film Fest country right now.

Meals today: roasted chicken breast, pork rinds, probably some Dreamfield's later.


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