Monday, November 12, 2012

It's snowing!

I got a text from Cro a few minutes after he left for work. It said "It's snowing. 8/".

My sweet southern guy doesn't care for snow… Indiana gets tonnes of the stuff. Since I've lived here my entire life I take the snow as given. It's going to happen so might as well enjoy it. The only bad part about it is driving, shoveling, and the possibility of falling on one's bum.

Since I'm working from home this year I might be spared most of that. Maybe. I do have a client meeting this Thursday (at the client's office) and will be meeting Matt for a late celebration of my birthday and going to see the last Twilight movie this Friday. I'm excited! And I hope the roads aren't snowy!

I went to the opening night of the Film Fest last Friday. It was so very cool to be there and see how many people attended. Also very cool to watch my friends put on this event. :)
I'm having some big-time tremor of my hands this morning. It's due to the MS and though it isn't that difficult to deal with, I hate it. It reminds me of my 83 year old aunt Sookie's trembling hands. I am going to try a diet of eggs, protein and spoonfuls of coconut oil for the next 5 days to see if that will put the kabosh on this flair-up. Yay for low carb and the miracle of coconut oil. I'll bet the tremor is gone by Friday. Has anyone read about the theory that Alzheimer's disease may be linked to insulin resistance? I just read an article that I received through a Carb Smart email that was way interesting and inspired me to dedicate the next five days to adding spoonfuls of coconut oil to my diet.

Meals today:
eggs, ground beef, coconut oil


  1. I love snow too, even though I didn't grow up in a snowy area. We drove up to the nearby mountains yesterday to get a glimpse of snow. I read about the gas explosion in Indy this morning - since you blogged, I'm glad your safe and sound. That was quite a boom!

  2. I have definitely heard about eating low carb vs. Alzheimer's disease and of course low carb comes out the big winner!

    I've never even seen coconut oil, but I do love coconut flour brownies. I really need to pick some up. We've been sticking to good ol' butter.

  3. SheZug - It's almost snowman time!

    That gas explosion was creepy. The more I read about it, the more it seems that something fishy was going on. :/

    Angieloo - low carb is such a huge benefit to my life! Oh, I forgot to eat a spoon of coconut oil today!


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