Thursday, November 8, 2012

joey on the loose… again!

Just a typical Thursday… lots of work to do (yay) and no stress for now (also yay).

The big excitement of the day was when I decided to play with the joeys at 5ish this morning. They were hopping with excitement, knowing that I was about to open the door to play before I'd even donned the sweater sleeves that I wear to keep their sharp little toes from digging into my skin.

I sat on the ottoman in front of their habitat and started to open the door when immediately Jägerbär launched out and onto my shoulder. At the same time, Fuchsbau climbed onto the arm that I was beginning to extend into the cage. Grrr. With one determined-not-to-let-go joey on my arm and the other climbing down my back I wasn't able to keep Jäger from climbing down to the floor and away.

As soon as I could disengage from Fooks I shut the habitat door, picked up Buddy and made the rounds to shut the doors to the bathroom, extra bedroom and to downstairs. I set Buddy down on the other side of the door to the stairs before returning to look for the escaped joey. Jäger did not want to be caught and returned to the habitat!

Cro got up and together we waited and listened. She was clearly projecting a "WOW, THIS IS SO FUN!" attitude as she explored behind and under furniture. Her fuzzy little face would pop up for a peek once in awhile before ducking back down for more exploration.

Long story short, Cro finally recaptured the escapee and spoke gentle words as he returned her to the safety of the habitat.

I think I might turn one of the extra bedrooms into a "glider room" soon so that they can be out for a bit and learn to glide without being free to explore the whole house.

Meals today:
vegetable beef soup
ground beef and sausage with red beans

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