Thursday, November 15, 2012


American Horror Story last night was crazy!!! It threw me for a loop to find out that someone I had long expected to be a good guy was actually PURE EVIL! Cro suspected all along but he's a much better people-reader than I am… even when it's television.

Client after client after client today. Busy busy! But that's great. :) I have the two new websites to estimate and will likely begin next week, two cross-media marketing campaigns that are both designed and out for client review, a client website that needed revision (did that this morning), and two web graphic projects that came in for revision and are now back to the happy client to send to her clients for review.

Tomorrow is belated birthday fun and Twilight with Matt!

One of the joeys got past me again this morning but I was prepared. No worries since I'd closed all of the doors, shut the toilet lid, put Buddy downstairs and blocked off exit to the other rooms with a couple of boxes. It was J├Ąger that was on the loose (again). She eventually tired of exploring the room (not really, but the sun was coming up), climbed my pant leg, hopped up to the habitat and into the open cage door (I was holding it open in hopes that she would put herself back to bed, and she did!)


  1. I love the stories of these babies... and how they get into everything!

  2. :) I love those babies… even though they get into everything.


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