Friday, November 9, 2012

possum nightmares

Bad dream! I dreamt that a little white bunny rabbit was sitting in my driveway. It was sitting straight up and wasn't moving so I inched the Jeep tire up to it, thinking that would make it hop away. It didn't hop away! I looked back to see a little flat circle of white bunny fur where the bunny used to be. :(

When I was a teenager I had a boyfriend who swerved to run down a possum one night as he drove me home from a date. I broke up with him. >.< Cro has been calling the joeys "the possums" because Sugar Gliders are in the possum family. Buddy cat killed a mouse several years ago by sitting on a board that it was hiding under (when I found the little dead mouse, it was as flat as a pancake).

I think putting that all together spawned a nightmare that points to me worrying about the babies and that I need to be much more careful and not allow them to get loose. :(

What a horrible dream!

I may be accompanying Matt to the film festival opening night, tonight. Fun.

Meals today:
veggy soup
i dunno, but it will be low carb

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