Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the day before holiday time!

Yay-hey, it's the holiday week equivalent of Friday. ^_^

I have an appointment at the salon for a haircut and highlights tonight after the work day is over. I haven't been to the salon in what feels like 3 months… I'm sure I blogged about it so I could find the actual amount of time but that doesn't matter I suppose. All of my "blond" is gone and I'm a brunette again. I sort of like having the highlights define me as blond so we'll see if my stylist will bend to my will this time (this stylist seems hell-bent on keeping me brunette).

I'm hoping traffic isn't dangerously bad. Cro has warned me to watch things because it is the time of year for the bad holiday drivers to be swarming. Since I work from home now I get to avoid all of that most of the time, which can be both good and bad. The bad would be that I'm out of practice watching out for stupid drivers. That will make me extra cautious though.

I think I might try to bake this today (low-carb almond flour apple spice pound cake) so at least part of the Thanksgiving meal will be out of the way.  I will likely use the mini-loaf pan though. I'll take a pic, however it turns out.

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