Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the fine print

Yesterday was dead but today EVERYONE wants my time. I should have enjoyed yesterday more rather than worrying about the lull.

So today so far I've made revisions to two projects and sent those to client for review. Sent info for an RPF for another project. Received a call from a client about one of the cross-media projects and will be creating additions to that along with quoting another new website project.

Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it all.

My MS has been making itself known this week. I haven't been taking my vitamins or drinking enough water. Easy to correct. I took my MS-fighter, vitamin D along with some B-complex and am making an effort to drink lots of water.

I visited Walgreens earlier and bought a 3-pack of reading glasses. The LASIK doctor warned me that I would likely need reading glasses sooner than if I hadn't gotten LASIK. I guess struggling to read small print and to thread a needle yesterday has moved that up in priority. Ah well, now I have them if I need them. I'm still super happy that I had LASIK.

One of the joeys was loose for about 15 minutes this morning. I followed her around the corner of the foyer and saw Buddy Cat either hop with excitement or maybe he was startled. I put him in the bathroom until I could entice the joey to get back in the habitat. I don't think Buddy would have hurt her, but better safe! He may be an old kitty, but he's still a kitty.

What's that saying… "when it rains it pours"? In the two hours since my blog post I've had a phone meeting, will receive direction and copy for 3 new pages to add to one of the cross-media marketing campaigns, and have been requested to an on-client-site meeting to discuss another website job. That meeting is set for next Thursday. The cross-media additions have to be made before next Wednesday. No problem. :)

Next time I feel down in the dumps for having a slow day I have to remember to enjoy it rather than worry.

Oh! Meals today are
ground beef and ground sausage mixed with hot spices and red beans
Cro's delicious veggy-beef soup
pork rinds with cream cheese

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