Wednesday, November 14, 2012

with one hand

The joeys are asleep on my hand, which is nestled inside their bonding pouch in front of my keyboard. That means I am designing with one hand tied (not behind my back) this morning. Its a good exercise in adaptability. I wonder how many mommies of human babies learned to do daily tasks with a sleeping baby in one arm. :P It's not the same I know, but still…

I'm working on edits to a client cross-media marketing campaign today. Tomorrow I have a meeting at a client's office for a website CMS project. (the client called to postpone until one of their team is back from vacation)

Friday afternoon is my birthday celebration from Matt. Presents to open and the final Twilight movie to see! I'm excited.

The neighbor two houses over is busy cutting down trees in his back yard today. I wonder if those are dead Ash trees killed by that nasty boring beetle infestation that killed one of our trees and five of the next-door neighbor's trees. We've decided to just let our tree fall when it's ready to fall. It would cost too much to have a tree service out to cut it down. We'll just worry about clean-up when it happens (it isn't in danger of falling on anything except open lawn.


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