Tuesday, November 13, 2012

z's all around me

It's not snowing today though it is cold. I like the cold since it soothes my MS (which is much more at ease today… less tremble.) It amazes me how what I put into my body (including vitamins) has such a big effect on how I feel.

I worked with the joeys in my lap for most of the morning. They snooze just fine with me close. I like it. :) Buddy is asleep on a double stack of memory foam pillows. Princess and the Pea.

Last night I got another two websites referred to me for design by a guy I used to work with. Details are to come but I haven't gotten them yet. Today is quiet as my small agency client has pushed a project to the back burner until one of their team returns from a week vacation.

So today I will work on my own site.

Meals today:
one bite of a Quest bar
one serving of Dreamfield's
nothing more! remember, what I put in effects how I feel!
water water water

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