Monday, December 3, 2012

hark hark the possums do bark

Monday again. I guess there are only three more weeks until Christmas. Wow, time is moving quickly.

The joeys (or the possums, as Cro likes to call them) bark bark BARKED last night. I try not to get up and interact with them when they are barking, just in case that is part of their plan. Bark and we get attention. I did get up once though, and they stopped barking, only to start back up after I went back to bed. The best course of action is to ignore it and they will eventually tire of barking and let us sleep. :P

They are so super cute though!

update: I finished most of my Christmas shopping today (yay for online shopping!). Only one person left to shop for and all done. I ordered some letterpressed Christmas cards to send out to my clients… I guess they will get here in the next week or so.

Today's meals will total 76 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 13.5 carbs

chicken, celery, kidney beans (19protein, 5 carbs)
1 egg (6protein, .5 carbs)
chicken, celery, kidney beans (19protein, 5 carbs)
1 egg (6protein, .5 carbs)
1 egg (6protein, .5 carbs)
Quest bar (20protein 2 carbs)

water water water!!!

…remembering to take my vitamin D, B, and green coffee extract

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