Friday, December 7, 2012

G'morning people! Time for some cer'al!

The kickoff meeting for new project went well. It's going to be a BIG project. :) Lots of people involved so right now my client and I are waiting for one of the team members to meet with the hosting and development people. This project comes to me from a client who is bringing me in as the web design resource, so I suppose this project gives me a double layer of clients. BIG project often means a committee (circus?). After the meeting, I think this committee will be effective (not a circus).

Even if it is, it's just another opportunity for me to hone my skills of working with large groups (goodness knows most of my time with the agency was working with large, committee-driven clients).

All this talk of clients is making for a boring blog post, lol.

Cro bought the babies (the joeys) more toys so there has been a tumble of activity in the habitat for the last two nights. They were so hyped up yesterday that they were awake and scampering around at 6:30. Unheard of! They normally don't wake up to play until the lights are out and it's after 9pm. It was fun to see their sweet little faces when the lights were still on. Cro bought them a new wooden climbing toy and a fluffy Ty™ Woodstock. It was so funny to me to cut off the "Ty" tag (that's a high crime in Beanie Baby land). Safety comes before preserving collectable toys when it comes to the babies.

I had a good laugh this morning when I realized that Buddy Cat performs the same routine in this comedian video Cro showed me last night. In the video a father is talking about how his son wakes up early every morning and since he's a little kid–no job, no stress–he is happy! The kid wakes up every morning and greets his sleepy, run-down dad with "G'morning daddy! Time for some cer'al!".

The cat is happy every morning and often wakes me up in his enthusiasm for morning. "Morning people! Time for some cer'al! (kitty food).

Here's the comedian's video. Funny (strong language… but most funny stuff requires something non-PG). :D

Today's meals will total 66 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 14.5 carbs

1 egg (6protein, .5 carbs)
ground beef, pinto beans and diced onion(20protein 6carbs)
ground beef, pinto beans and diced onion(20protein 6carbs)
Quest bar (20protein 2 carbs)

water water water!!!

…remembering to take my vitamin D, B, and green coffee extract

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