Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Buddy

Buddy says "Why do you take photos when I'm asleep? *sigh*"
Buddy has been throwing up daily. Poor guy. He normally hangs out under my desk while I work, and sometimes my shoes are under there too (working from home gives me some freedom that I didn't have when I worked in an office downtown, such as working barefoot!).

Long story short, I heard Buddy starting to heave, I looked under my desk, and saw to my horror that he was aiming right at my favorite pair of sandals!!! I was able to pull them out of the way just in time, but then I had a mess to clean up. He had averted his aim to toss his cookies on the bundle of cords that gives life to all of my computer's vital organs.

After all that I decided it was past time to give Buddy a bath, and so that's what I was doing at 6am this morning. That dear kitty doesn't even fuss anymore when I soap him up with good smelling kitty shampoo and hose him off using water from the kitchen sink sprayer nozzle thingy. He purred to me even though being soapy and wet is not a place he wanted to be. He trusted me and purred.

He is warm, clean and dry and taking another nap under my desk.

Today's meals will total approx 80 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and under 20 carbs

stuffed peppers!


  1. Feel better, Buddy!

    Stuffed peppers sound so good.

  2. He didn't throw up yesterday so I think your well-wishes worked. Maybe he just had a stomach bug and it's gone now, I hope. :)


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