Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It is sooo quiet.  I guess that is just a sign of the holiday season.

I should connect to Cro's music library on itunes. Bah, I don't see it as a shared library so maybe he can help get that set up when he gets home.

The possums were grumbling at each other this morning. I removed the tunnel that they had been sleeping in yesterday so the grumbling is likely due to how the sleeping pouch requires them to sleep in much closer contact. The "get your foot out of my face" grumbles are sure to happen. I think I'll move them back to the tunnel later today.

I've notices recently that Buddy Cat's fur seems to part when he leans down to eat. More skin shows through than ever before… well more would mean some since normally when he leans over I don't see any skin. I guess it's just another sign of his age. Thinning hair. :( I dreamt about his last night. Mostly I just remember petting his tummy, which he always loves. :)

Cro only has tomorrow to work before he gets to start his 4-day weekend. It will be so nice to have him home while I work.

Today I am doing lots of research into Google Analytics, AdWords and whatever else I can organically do to provide SEO for my clients.

Today's meals will total 66 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 10.5 carbs

1 egg (6protein, .5 carbs)
sirloin and onions (20protein 5carbs)
sirloin and onions (20protein 5carbs)
no idea - I'm out of bacon but it will be 20protein of something

water water water!!!

…remembering to take my vitamin D, B, and green coffee extract

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