Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The day before wrapping day…

Yesterday was uber busy! I guess the beginning of this week equates to the last minute to get things done before the holiday.

I expected today to be equally hectic, but I've only had to get out one estimate of work for a future project and work on a digital Christmas video-card for another. So far, that is.

Today I'm wearing a new pair of Dr. Marten boots that came in the mail yesterday. Christmas gift from my British friend. I love Dr. Marten boots.

Cro and I are going to exchange Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve so we don't have to transport more than we have to for our Christmas visit to my mom and sister. I have SO much gift wrapping to do later this week. Christmas baking too, though I haven't decided what I will make yet. Maybe a casserole of mashed cauliflower. I'm pretty sure that Cro will be making cheddar biscuits. Mom requests them because she likes them so much.

I'm almost finished reading the second book in the Ender's Gamer series. I love that there are still so many great books in the world that I have not read! I love that I haven't yet read them all because that leaves a lot of room for discovery of new things to read.

Cro works today (and yesterday) but will have the next seven days off for Christmas break!

Today's meals will total 60 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 7 carbs

Quest bar (20protein, 2 carbs)
bacon (20protein)
ground beef with pinto beans (20protein 5carbs)

water water water!!!

…remembering to take my vitamin D, B, and green coffee extract

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