Friday, December 21, 2012

The first snow that stuck!

Last night right before he went to bed (so about 2am), Cro let me know that it was snowing, and covering the ground. My sweet southern boy still hates snow. I could tell it was covering the ground without even getting up to look. There was that radiance coming through the window blinds that said "snow is covering the ground!". It is so pretty out there this morning.

Even though Cro has been on vacation from work since Wednesday, I have still been working. I love working with him home though. It makes the days feel special even though I'm not on vacation.

Yesterday I was occupied the entire day with website updates for my newest client. All done for now but she promised to have the remainder of update direction to me after the holiday.

My former co-worker who brought me that client texted this morning asking if I was interested in doing some Flash banner ads for another company. Yes. :) That's more work coming my way just through someone I know. That is so awesome. I think it's the fourth client he has brought to me this year. Three of them were full website designs.

For my meals today I browned some ground sirloin and added diced yellow, red and orange mini-peppers along with a can of pinto beans.

Cro bought a huge bag of mini-peppers so we could offer some in the fresh-food part of the meal for the joeys. They get HPW Complete (which is a complete nutrition mix for sugar gliders) and fresh fruit and veggies every night. We like to change up the fresh foods so they always have something great to look forward to. Wednesday night they had watermelon, grapes, carrot slices and sliced yellow pepper. They didn't touch the pepper but ate ALL of the other fruits. They also, for the first time, didn't eat their HPW nutrition mix!!! Cro decided to give them only veggies and a diced sweet pepper last night, so they would eat their HPW. One of them barked her little throat dry. I think she was protesting the menu, lol. "Hey!!! Where is the sweet stuff!?! Veggies??? This is crap!!!"

It looks like they ate their HPW this time, so I'll give them a small amount of fruit in their fresh foods tonight.


  1. Love hearing that you're keeping so busy. I know it was scary to be your own boss, but it seems like it's working out for the best. Good enough to keep the joeys in joey-chow at least. Carry on!

  2. Thanks, Jack. It's still scary, but not nearly as scary as it was last February. It's more exciting than anything. :) Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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