Wednesday, January 30, 2013

chugging up the hill… puff puff puff

The new Nautilus is fixed!!! After having to use a crank puller to find a part that had been knocked out of place during shipping, installing a new servo motor and waiting yet again for the company to send us a replacement console and wiring, Cro has it fixed!!! The thing that did it was the new console. The gears now shift and I can set resistance to mimic hill climbing.

I tried upping resistance during my workout this morning and can happily report that the top resistance really does make my muscles ache. Yay! That's what I need it to do.

Now I can stop wishing for my very own recumbent bike and start using my Christmas gift to get in shape and become a trophy wife, lol.

I have my very own "Cardio Theater" now since I set up my ipad to play movies from my Amazon Prime account. I watched an episode of American Horror Story season 1 as I biked this morning. Love that show and will probably end up watching the entire two seasons of reruns just like I don't seem to tire of the Twilight movies or the Game of Thrones series. Hmmm, I wonder if HBO reruns are available through Amazon Prime free videos.

20 minutes
i didn't check the mileage

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  1. Yay! Now where is that picture of your new hair?


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