Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. - H.G. Wells

I didn't want to talk about my "become a trophy wife" gift until it was in proper working order, but it has been plagued with issues that may not be completely resolved for another week or two.


Cro gifted me with a recumbent bike!!! I am soooo excited to have my very own gym-quality bike and be able to work out as often as I like without having to leave the house if I don't wanna. It even has a built-in fan (which is very nice since I see lots of sweating in my future!). I can set up my ipad on a nearby table and have my own Cardio Theater. I watched Russel Brand do stand-up comedy as I biked this morning.

The bike's issues:

The first problem was locked-up pedals so it couldn't be used at all until Nautilus sent us a crank puller tool.

Cro fixed the pedal problem only to discover that the bike won't change resistance. That's fine for now since I'm just getting back into the swing of exercising and don't really need to try pedaling up simulated hills just yet.

Nautilus sent us a new servo motor which Cro spent half of last Sunday swapping out. Unfortunately the new motor didn't solve the problem… it still wouldn't shift gears. So now Nautilus says the only two things it could still be is a defective console or the wiring.

So Cro plans to take the bike apart again this weekend since he doesn't have time after work to do that and call Nautilus before they close. He'll call Nautilus next week (probably Monday) and they'll be on the line while he does a test with a volt-meter to see if the Console is getting the signal to change gears. If it is getting the signal but not responding, Nautilus will send us a new console.

If it's not getting the signal the problem must be in the wiring. *sigh* Nautilus will send out a tech if replacing the console isn't the solution.

So… I'm able to use the bike on the easiest gear for now. I was able to do 2.2 miles in half the time that it took me yesterday! So I must be getting stronger already. :)

In other news - I received an email this morning asking what I would charge to design a non-profit site similar in size to another site that I've created this year. I don't know the person who emailed but it's very cool when things I've designed turn into leads for potential new clients.

2.2 miles
15 minutes

Today's meal plan: (60-90 grams of protein per day is ideal for me) and under 20 carbs
- eggs scrambled Chef Ramsay style (though I didn't have creme fresh… I used cooking cream instead)
- salad [heart of romaine, 1tbsp poppy seed dressing, feta, chicken, sesame seeds
- bacon
- sharp cheddar
- water, water, water
- vitamins: D, B, calcium

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  1. I have a recumbent bike, too, only mine doesn't have any pedals. Okay, okay... maybe it's just a regular chair.


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