Thursday, January 31, 2013

mechanical motivation

The Nautilus and I biked for 30 minutes and achieved 5.7 miles this morning. Though I'm on a level 1 challenge,  it threw a few hills in my path to make it a more challenging workout. It gives little motivational quips when a hill is coming up. "Last hill. You can do it. Short quick steps. Bring it home." lol

I watched episode "The Burning Children" from American Horror Story's season 1 for my "Cardio Theater" selection this morning. Cardio Theater makes the exercise time go by without that dreaded boredom of just watching the minutes on the console.

Cro has to work late tonight since it's the last day of the month. I'm working on a Wordpress website for the small agency client. I pitched some website updates for my newest client and priced monthly maintenance for them as well. They are a custom home builder in Texas (hi Anne :)) and the website maintenance is for new home listing pages and removing those that have sold.

I have a custom home builder client that I designed a website for here in Indy. I was doing website maintenance for their site yesterday. It's completely a coincidence that I have two custom home builders as clients (in different states so they aren't competitors). It is fun to work to help market such a variety of industries. Let's see… equipment manufacturer, restaurant and food truck, custom home builders, marketing agencies, talent agencies, educators, lawyers, event management, energy production, film releasing… and always open for more.

Cro made low carb chili and we have both been enjoying that as well as salads this week. I'd like to get more ingredients to make protein shakes since those are so quick and easy to make and don't require me to think about what I'm going to have if I don't feel like cooking (and I usually don't since I'm still a bad cook).

30 minutes
5.7 miles (wow, cool)


  1. Ha, yeah. It is Blogger's only built-in background that has to do with biking.


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