Friday, January 11, 2013

"sorta" Greek salad

My "sorta" Greek salad creation. ^_^
I know I've been taking a blog break for a couple of weeks. I'm definitely not out of the blogging routine for keeps though!

I'm so excited to tell about my awesome Christmas gift that is going to help me become Cro's "trophy wife" in the coming year. LOL Seriously, he bought me something that I've wanted oh so long and am so excited about. It arrived busted but we received replacement parts and he plans to put it in working order this weekend. I'll save talking about it until I give it a proper go after it is 100%.

I have a Skype meeting at 3pm today to present website design for a big site.

I have another meeting at a client's office on Monday to kick-off yet another website.

And lastly for this quick update I'll talk about the "sorta" Greek salad that is in the pic (in front of my keyboard because I tend to eat lunch at my desk).

Cro and I went to an authentic Greek restaurant on our last date lunch. They serve authentic Greek food although the restaurant is located in a strip mall. It was amazing and I fell in love with the way they created my Greek salad. We often have our date lunch in another small place that offers a salad with poppyseed dressing. I combined the feta cheese crumbles with a tiny drizzle of poppyseed dressing atop heart of romaine, chicken breast and a few drips of lemon juice to create this yummy salad. I love it! And it's so cool that I made it myself. :)

Matt and I are going to get together next week for our traditionally late Christmas. We plan to see the Hobbit then too. Fun!


  1. Trophy wife? Hmm.... CLIFFHANGER alert!

  2. Yes, cliffhanger! I love these type of posts.


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