Monday, February 18, 2013

half way there!

The weekend is over and it's another Monday. Tell you something you don't already know, eh.:) Okay…

I'm thinking about taking one of my clients to court for non-payment. I have no idea where to start but I suppose Google is a good place. This client is many many months behind in payment, hasn't answered my inquiries (I've only bugged them two or three times) in months and owes me over 4k. *sigh* There was no contract but I do have the communication trails and the products are on the market. It's sort of a bad feeling (understatement) to see something I designed for sale when I haven't been paid.

Does anyone have a similar past experience? What did you do? I won't mention names obviously but that' the general situation.

Biking this morning was fun. Working out is tough but I always feel great having done it. I even feel good in the middle of working out though I must say, my beloved bike, the little motivational message that says "Half way there!" isn't really motivation. It's just a reminder that I have an equal amount of huffing and puffing to do as what I've already done.

30 minutes
5.3 miles

Today's meals will total _ protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and _ carbs

my homemade chili (mmm)
CarbSmart ice cream
probably more chili


  1. Do what you know in your heart is right...... I think that text in e-mails counts as a contract in some ways.

    Sucks that you are going through this! I have one former employer (via internet) that I subcontracted for who owes me over 2 grand. I decided it wasn't worth taking her to court, but she had like no money so I was doubtful of getting paid even if there was a judgment.

  2. Yeah, it does suck. *sigh* I'm in no position to just write off 4k so I have to see what my options are. Right now I'm just looking for advice and am in no rush. It's got me down in the dumps for sure.

  3. My boss does this all the time. They ask for the money up front so no worries there. BUT if a nurse switches, and works for the family privately, they must pay like 3K - to buy out the contract. Well, many folks don't do that. She takes them right to court. Most of them pay instead of going to court.
    Another thing you might do - pro bono it (just this once) and claim it BIG time on your taxes! It won't help you now, but it will pay off eventually. And with the tax changes... it might be solid gold.
    Live and learn, eh? And get paid at least half up front maybe (next time)
    In the mean while, send us all a lock of hair from them, and we can stick voodoo pins in it!


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