Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hump day blah

Blah. I had to pick a crappy-weather day to drive to the east side of town. I'm not looking forward to my meeting with the attorney, but I suppose it's necessary. The whole thing has be feeling down. I really liked this client too, but it's clear that I'm not going to hear from this one again… I haven't received a reply to my last two emails and it's been months and months and months. The last I heard from this client was October 8th. So it's been over four months and they have unpaid invoices dating from April 2012. *sigh*

Anyway, today is the day I have to think about it and tomorrow will hopefully be a day of rhetorical sunshine. Rhetorical because I think the weather is going to remain icky.

I couldn't sleep last night and I found out this morning that Cro couldn't sleep either. I think I'll pick up some ZZZquil later if I find time to stop at the grocery. I need to get the possums (the sugar gliders) some more grapes and I think I'll get more ground beef to make chili. Today I mixed two cans of tuna with some eggs and parmesan cheese, a few minutes in the skillet and I had low-carb tuna cakes.

Things are great with my Texas home builder client and my small agency client sold another site for me to create - it's another home builder! lol. That will make four home builder websites in the last year… two in Indiana and two in Texas. fun :)

22 minutes
4 miles

Today's meals will total _ protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and _ carbs

tuna cake
Quest bar
tuna cake

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