Monday, February 4, 2013

Ready… Go!

I guess I was dragging a bit this morning. Only 5.7 miles in my 30 minutes of biking this morning. I watched half of the first episode, first season of Heroes for yesterday's Cardio Theater and watched episode 1, season 1 of Kids in the Hall (comedy troupe) this morning. I LOVE Kids in the Hall! So funny. :D

For some reason I thought it might be a good experiment to try having Glucerna shakes for two meals each day this week. I went to Walgreens and picked up a 12 pack of Boost Glucose Control shakes, so I have plenty to substitute protein shakes for two meals Monday through Friday if I wanna. I don't have diabetes but there have been a lot of television commercials for Glucerna which caught my ear… too bad for them that I didn't even buy it, I bought Boost instead, lol.

Darned ads, though!!! The claims that diabetic shakes are made to keep blood sugar more even intrigued me. Having them pre-mixed was a bonus (don't have to mix it up myself). I've been thinking about doing protein shakes again… so… I'm giving these pre-mixed shakes a try.

For work today, I started off checking email (grr, loads of email from the weekend). My small agency client wondered if one of the sites was down over the weekend so I checked it's Google Analytics. The analytic data didn't have a drop in traffic so all is good.

From there I emailed the newest client and outlined the schedule for site design update, giving Google Analytic data as reference for when would be the best time of the week (the lowest traffic day). The client emailed back saying that the date I chose is good for them so all is a go! I just wanted them to be aware of what expect so they could alert me ahead of time if they needed a delay.

That client has asked me to call to quote a new site design too.

Busy busy!

30 minutes
5.7 miles

Today's meals will total 52 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 32 carbs

Boost protein shake (16g protein, 13g carbs)
Boost protein shake (16g protein, 13g carbs)
bacon and sharp cheddar (20g protein, 1 carbs)
edamame (5 carbs)


  1. My favorite ready made protein shake is Premier. It comes in chocolate & vanilla (I prefer chocolate). You can buy them at Sams or Costco. Low carb, high protein & 160 calories.

  2. Ooo, I will look for that next time I'm at Sams. Thanks, girly! :)


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