Friday, February 15, 2013


I did make chili yesterday and it is good. I met with the small agency client and that went well too.  Also in the good category—my Texas home builder client approved the second website (another of his home-building ventures) with it's own monthly retainer for maintenance. The guy has two companies and a lot of homes to build and sell. :)

For my meeting I wore a cute shirt that I haven't worn in a long while, black jeans and my black docs with the flowers. I went business casual which feels more like me than when I'm wearing pinchy shoes. I see this client often enough that suiting up isn't always necessary.

It's warm outside for February so I didn't need a heavy jacket but now it's SNOWING… bigtime. During my meeting the client exclaimed that it was pure white outside. I went to look out the window and it was WHITE with fog and snow and no visibility (I couldn't even see the end of the parking lot). Eek, that's what caused a big 40+ vehicle wreck a few weeks ago. It didn't last long and was clear again by the end of the meeting.

I'm back home and barefoot (because I can) and it's Friday. Yay.

no biking today

Today's meals will total _ protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and _ carbs

chili with Dreamfield's rotini
CarbSmart ice cream (8 carbs)


  1. Yay for the monthly retainer! You are doing amazing with the self-employment thing, Miss Oct!

  2. Thanks Anglie-loo :) I'm working at it!

  3. I love that you get some great leads....
    heehee - you wrote "eek".... I saw "elk"
    I was thinking maybe you bagged one in the parking lot!

  4. ha! no elk on the highways in Indy. Though we did have elephants on the highway a few weeks ago (same day as that 40+ car accident, I think). The elephants weren't involved in that, thank goodness. They were just being transported when the vehicle they were in skid off the road. The elephants had to stand outside while they got the truck back on the road. Then they were loaded back up and all was well. :) I felt bad to see the big naked animals standing on the road while they waited for their ride to be pulled out of the ditch though. They looked cold!


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