Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Only two days of February left… can you believe it?

I'm just now getting through my email… which for me is like this:

Read email (client asks for something)
Abandon unopened emails while I fulfill the client request
Reply to email stating things have been done
Read next email
*rinse and repeat*

So yeah, reading email isn't just glancing through communications, it's interspersed with work. I left out the quick skim-through to determine which emails I should respond to first. :P

It isn't always like this. Some days the requests are fairly time consuming and so I'll read through the list and make any quick responses necessary before choosing which task to focus on first.

It's windy and rainy. Dreary and dark and the cars going by make extra noise with all of the tire-sloshing on the wet pavement. It seems the road I live on gets busier every year. That's sort of odd considering that it meets in a T on both ends. I guess my road is the one to take to avoid the heavier traffic route. :( Except that my road is now also one with heavy traffic. No traffic lights though. Well, one on each end but none in the middle.

Back to work.

Tomorrow I meet with that law firm about the client who is nearly a year past-due. Eep. It will be information gathering only… but hopefully it will show me and option to take that isn't rude and confrontational (while still insuring that I get paid). I probably hope for too much. :P

Buddy cat is asleep with his head on my foot. I like when he falls so deeply asleep that he snores.

15 minutes
2.6 miles

Today's meals will total _ protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and _ carbs

homemade chili
Quest bar
Dreamfield's rotini

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